Japanese Shell Cordovan Burgundy Wide Pass Through Strap

  • $79.90

Using Japanese Shinki Hikaku Shell Cordovan, the strap is saddle stitched by hand for durability.
Found on the posterior of an equine, Shell Cordovan has highly desirable qualities such as the non-creasing characteristic, the mirror-like lustre and it’s ability to develop a great patina over time.   
The sides of the leather are smoothed and hand burnished for a polished look.
With a thickness of 1.5mm to 1.8mm and a finished flesh side in a natural colour, the strap is thin yet resilient, curving around your wrist with minimal bulk.
Paired with a 
Made in USA stainless steel hardware, the strap comes with a floating wide leather keeper.

Customization Tips
-Choose a buckle finishing that is closer to your watch case.
-Linen Thread comes from natural material and has a matte finish. Polyester Thread is made up of synthetics and has a more glossy finish.
-Measure the length of your current watch strap to decide on your ideal strap length.

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