Frequently Asked Questions

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Whether its combining elements of various strap articles into one, using more than 1 thread colour or having the keeper in a different colour, let us know and we'll work something out! 


What are the watch strap styles available?

We offer watch straps in various strap styles with different buckles. 

2 Piece Watch Straps
Article 1: Straight cut straps with a rounded buckle and a fixed metal keeper. Lug size and buckle size are the same.
Article 2: Straight cut straps with a tang buckle and a fixed leather keeper. Lug size and buckle size are the same.
Article 3: Tapered straps with a tang buckle and a fixed leather keeper. Buckles are 2mm smaller than lug size. 
Article 4: Tapered straps with a tang buckle and a fixed leather keeper. Buckles are 4mm smaller than lug size.

Single Pass Watch Straps
Article 1: Single pass strap with a fixed rounded buckle and 2 fixed metal keepers.
Article 2: Single pass strap with a fixed tang buckle and a thick floating leather keeper.


How do I measure my watch size? 

Using a ruler, measure the distance between the lugs in millimetres. Depending on the watch strap article you choose, lug size options of 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 24mm are available. If you have a odd size lug width, drop us an email at and we will be happy to work out something for you! 


Which strap length should I opt for?

The strap length choice can vary based on the diameter of watch, preference on tightness and how the user like the watch strap to be worn. While some would prefer a shorter watch tail, others might prefer a more visible longer tail. The best way to choose your strap length will be to measure your current watch strap and depending on how ideal it is, choose a similar or next best measurement. We offer 3 strap lengths for all articles.

2 Piece Watch Strap
-Short: 110mm hole side / 65mm buckle side
-Standard: 120mm hole side / 75mm buckle side
-Long: 130mm hole side / 85mm buckle side

Single Pass Watch Strap
-Short: 225mm
-Standard: 250mm
-Long: 275mm


How can I change my watch strap?

You will need a spring bar tool to change your watch strap. Alternatively, you can head down to your local watch shop for help. For the single pass straps, it it recommended that the spring bar pins are removed and fixed over the strap.


Can you recommend a watch strap to match my watch?

Absolutely! Drop us an email at with a photo of your watch and the look you are going for and we will get back to you on our recommendations!


How do I maintain and care for my leather watch strap?

With care, your leather watch strap will last a long time. To prolong the look and lifespan of your leather strap, avoid exposure to extreme heat and damp or humid conditions. Occasional leather or cordovan conditioning cream can be applied in small amounts to nourish the leather and prevent it from drying out. 


Do you do wholesale orders? Are you able to custom make a design?

As a manufacturer and a wholesaler, we are able to develop custom designs and accommodate bulk orders with low quantities from individuals to small companies and large operations as well.