Shell Cordovan

Exclusive with a limited supply, Shell Cordovan is regarded as the finest material with highly desirable qualities. The unmatched durability along with the hardwearing nature of shell makes them last through your toughest days and even multiple lifetimes. With a non-creasing characteristic and a mirror-like lustre that can be brought back when polished, goods made from Shell Cordovan gets better over time as it develops a great patina.

Tanning Process

Found on an isolated section of a horse posterior, Shell Cordovan comes from a fibrous flat muscle beneath the rump, the yield of 2 small irregularly shaped oval shells goes through a 6 months tanning process of about 100 different steps where it turns from raw to finished. Beginning with a vegetable tanning process, the hides are often left to soak for months. A special blend of greases and oils are then applied before it is being hand treated and hot stuffed with waxes and other conditioning agents. Pure aniline dyes are hand rubbed and the shells are hand glazed to achieve the polished smooth surface.