Horween Chromexcel Brown Unlined Rally Leather Watch Strap

  • $59.90

Using Horween Chromexcel Leather, the strap is hand stitched at essential points with minimal details.
The leather is stuffed with oils and waxes and has the ability to develop a great patina over time. When folded or flexed, the pull up effect shows through the temporary lightening of colours.
Referencing from the racing car times, the strap features 3 distinct holes that provides ventilation and breathability to the wearer. Matched with hand painted black sides, this gives a sleek finish to the strap. 
With a thickness of 2.5mm to 3.0mm and a finished flesh side in a natural colour, the strap wraps around the wrist comfortably with minimal bulk.
Paired with a Made in USA removable stainless steel tang buckle, the strap comes with a fixed and floating leather keeper.

Customization Tips
-Choose a buckle finishing that is closer to your watch case.
-Measure the length of your current watch strap to decide on your ideal strap length.

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