Italian Embossed Black Racing Leather Watch Strap

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Using Vegetable Tanned Cow Leather from La Perla Azzurra, the strap is saddle stitched by hand up to a hundred times, this gives durability with an added visual element.
A Full Grain Leather, the surface has not been sanded or buffed for imperfections, retaining the natural characteristics of the leather which ages beautifully with time as it bears the marks of the user. 
An embossed leather, the grains will not fade or lessen when flexed and stands well against minor scratches.
The construction utilizes a single leather strip that is folded over to form each strap, this gives the same leather texture on the underside against the wrist as the top and allows both sides to age uniformly with use. Finished with hand painted black sides which gives a sleek finish to the strap. 
Referencing from the racing car times, the racing pattern offers a different look while providing ventilation and breathability to the wearer.
With a thickness of 2.5mm to 3.0mm, it is able to hold your watch well while curving around your wrist comfortably.
Paired with a Made in USA removable stainless steel tang buckle, the strap comes with a fixed and floating leather keeper.
Detailed with a decorative line that runs along the edge of the strap and keepers.

Customization Tips
-Choose a buckle finishing that is closer to your watch case.
-Linen Thread comes from natural material and has a matte finish. Polyester Thread is made up of synthetics and has a more glossy finish.
-Measure the length of your current watch strap to decide on your ideal strap length.

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